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The Red Thread Movement is a student initiative partnering with Eternal Threads to combat sexual slavery in Nepal. These Bracelets are handmade by at-risk girls in Nepal. NetteRadio is PROUD to partner with these great organizations!

Buy a bracelet and wear their freedom on your arm!
ALL proceeds go to the the girls in Nepal.

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In itself, wearing a red bracelet is not important. It is merely some threads woven together and worn on oneís arm. But what if there was a story behind that bracelet? What if the person who wove those threads together was a twelve-year-old girl from Nepal? And what if that same girl had been rescued on the border of her country from a sex trafficker, before being enslaved by one of the most prominent international crimes to date?

Freedom is something we may take for granted, but it is denied many women and girls around the world. By wearing a Red Thread Movement bracelet, you are proclaiming that freedom has not been forsaken, as you seek to restore it.

The impact of the Red Thread Movement is three-fold. First, wearing the red bracelet creates awareness of sex trafficking [itís happening more than we might think, with as many as 12,000 girls trafficked across the Nepal border each year]. Second, making the red bracelets provides employment for girls in Nepal who have been rescued from the hands of sex traffickers at the border. Third, the revenue from the Red Thread Movement [each bracelet costs $3] employs not only the rescued girls but also funds the safe house that welcomes them and continues the establishment of border units. These border units along the Nepal/India border each rescue as many as 100 girls per month from the bondage of slavery.

What we find unavoidable we deem acceptable. Sex trafficking is not an unavoidable crime, and it must be combated. Wearing a Red Thread Movement bracelet promises victimized girls that we will not leave them.

We wear their freedom on our arms.

If you're in a band and would like to get involved, read on.

Red Thread Music recruits artists & bands to sell the handmade bracelets at concerts and to personally promote the cause, spreading the word and creating a network of support for the Red Thread Movement. Whether performing onstage or watching from the crowd, we know that there are many who share a passion for music that are eager to heal our broken world. The music portion of the Red Thread Movement was initiated to spread awareness to this audience of individuals, because we know that they are prepared to dream big and to act boldly for that which needs to be voiced. We have such a strong voice to use and such a vast opportunity to reach thousands with it. With your help, sex traffickers can be stopped and not ignored. With your help, the victimized girls will not feel forgotten, but will know they are loved. That is why we are here, asking you to unleash your passion for justice. The first step in action is awareness. Break the silence by telling others about this injustice and wear a bracelet so that they will know you choose to stand up against sexual slavery. Together, we can save the lives of thousands of more girls.

What It Means to Become a Supporting Band

Bands who choose to become supporting members of the Red Thread Movement agree to sell the Red Thread bracelets at their merchandise tables and to verbally and physically represent the Movement onstage by wearing the bracelets and speaking out against the trafficking of girls all around the world. It is completely free for bands to participate in Red Thread. The necessary materials are provided free of cost and the bracelets do not need to be paid for until they are sold. We greatly believe in the bands we work with and do not want to, by any means, be a burden to any band financially.

All members will receive a free Red Thread bracelet to wear. Bracelets are sold by the bands for $3 even. We will restock bracelets as they are sold and all of the proceeds are to be sent back to Eternal Threads where they are used to support our outreaches in Nepal. Money can be sent back via check, money order, or PayPal. We cover shipping costs if, at any time, you wish to withdraw from the Movement. Participation is in no way binding, we only ask that you be responsible with the supplies you receive and return the proceeds in a timely manner.

We are more than willing to work with a bandís specific needs, and we are flexible in letting the bands choose how they wish to participate. Some bands choose to play benefit concerts or even to organize whole tours to raise money for Red Thread. Others wear the bracelets in promotional pictures, refer other bands to join, organize fundraisers, etc. If you wish to become a supporting band read this and contact You can download an application here.

Thank you for your interest!
Samantha Sutherland
RTM Music Coordinator

We wear their freedom on our arms!



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