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NetteRadio proudly announces the launch of the NetteRadio CHRISKWANZMANUKAH Channel featuring original and cover holiday songs from NetteRadio Artists running 24/7! Starting 1/1/13 you will be able to listen to all of our NetteRadio artists through our regular 24/7 NetteRadio Artists channel. We've switched from a weekly live show to a monthly live show (every 2nd Wednesday) to conincide with our monthly fundraiser showcases at The Talking Stick in Venice, CA. (see events for more info on showcases!)  The chatroom will be open during our Second Wednesday broadcast, 6-8p PST! Follow us on Facebook/Twitter for more info and updates!

Listen to our CHRISKWANZMANUKAH Music 24/7
Our 24/7 NetteRadio Artist Channel will launch 1/1/2013

We no longer have sponsorship for our stream but wish to thank for their many years of support! If you or your company would like to support or sponsor NetteRadio please contact me at

In the meantime NetteRadio is currently being self-funded by Annette and Doug Conlon and by your kind and generous donations.  Please consider making a donation as without your support we will not be able to provide an indefinite live stream. There are many other costs associated that must be managed and this is difficult with a no-income station.

That being said, I wish you all a Happy New Year and look forward to more FABULOUS Female Fronted Music!


How do I listen to NetteRadio?
Please click below to log on and listen to the show.

Help! I was disconnected!
If you become disconnected to the show or if we have to stop and start the stream for any reason please just click on the link and you should be reconnected. This can sometimes take a few minutes but I will reconnect to the stream unless our power goes out or the computer fails!!!  (Yes, this happens!)
 Please check the chatroom for updates (Byrd will receive a message from me if possible)
Please follow for emergency updates.
Also, for other updates.

I have a PC but your link won't play!br>We recommend Windows Media Player 11. Click HERE to download and update your WMP.

I updated my Windows Media Player and the link opens in Real Player. Why?
You do not have the right file types associated with the Windows Media Player.
Here's a quick fix
Open Windows Media Player and Click on:
   File Types > Click on them all!!!

Click on the stream again and you should be set!!!

II have a MAC and your link won't play!
Please use Windows Media Components for Quicktime 
There is a lot of information on odecs, etc. so please visit the link and download the player!

I have an iPhone/iPad/iPod/iTouch and your link won't play.
iKnow.  I have a developer but I do not have the money yet to get this set up. When I do we will add an APP to both iTunes and Android stores. Donations ARE accepted :)

How do I make a donation to NetteRadio?
You can make a donation through PayPal. It goes directly to the bank account I have set up for NetteRadio that I pay hosting for the website, archives, streaming, and any other services required. In 2012 I'd like to make NetteRadio a 24/7 Station! That's possible with YOUR help!  Please click on the DONATE Link above. THANK YOU!!!



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Welcome to 'NetteRadio!


email for help

Remember you must have a media player installed to listen to our show,
wwe recommend Windows Media Player, click the link to the right for a free download.



please help support etteRadio

NetteRadio is entirely self-funded and supported by your kind and generous donation. Without your support we cannot continue to provide a live monthly stream.

our services help promote the artist' career and entertain you :)
we do not make
any booking fees or income


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